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Kilimanjaro Travel Adventure Safaris Ltd

Kilimanjaro Travel Adventure Safaris Ltd is a Tour Operator in Tanzania, which deals with reservation of camping safaris, nature trekking, tented camps, safari camps and mountain climbing.

Wildlife safaris in Tanzania uses safari camps as favourite accommodation. Kilimanjaro trekking adventures on machame route, rongai route, lemosho route and umbwe route are kilimanjaro trekking trails whereby accommodation is based on tents.

Camping safaris is accommodation of is of international travel standard and quality. There are various category or standard of camping ranging from budget to luxury camping, with various classes of comfort.

Camping Safaris Tanzania, two types of camps are budget camping safaris and luxury tented camps.

Camping safari is the most favourite safari and option to because tourists are close to wild animals and is cheap. Camping safari offers comfort accommodation like safari lodges. Sometimes safari camps are more comfort than safari lodges.

Camping safari is preferred when a Tourist is doing photographic safaris/film and hunting safari too. Camping safaris is affordable and adventurous, even mountain climbers prefers tents, example Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions.

All camping safari is professional organized to ensure comfort to tourists. Budget camping and fly camping safaris are most common types of camping safaris used in East Africa.

All mountain climbers choosing rongai route, umbwe route and machame route trekking kilimanjaro use camping. It is comfort adventure outdoor travel. Outdoor travellers prefer tented camps than lodges.

Kilimanjaro Travel Adventure Safaris Ltd handle all destination management travel from tourists and travel Agents.

African safaris depend two types of Accommodation, which are Lodge safaris and camping safaris. Lodge is most used kind of Hotel accommodation in game parks or nearby tourist destinations. Camping safaris was used during medieval times for Kings during their travel, how ever now days tourists used camping as one method for accommodation during wildlife safaris.

Camping safaris used canvas tents as wall housing and roof covering to make dome or rectangle like House for shelter. Camping is also used in beach areas and mountain areas. Mountain climbers used tents to camp during mountain climbing. In Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, camping is used as accommodation during trekking. Several Kilimanjaro trekking routes such as Machame, Rongai, Umbwe and Lemosho use tents to camp as method of accommodation.

There are types of camping safaris as described below. It depends on budget and comfort needed by the traveller. These are Budget camping safaris, semi luxury camping safari, luxury camping safari, permanent luxury camp and motor caravan camps.

Budget Camping Safaris Tanzania
Budget camping safari is also known as - Basic camping. Budget camping safari involves travelling with all your camp equipment, your guide and possibly a cook in your vehicle with you. Our cook, tents crew and driver guide will set up a tent and prepare meals for you. These services typically use the less expensive shared or public campsites, but exclusive camps, or campsites with shower and toilet facilities outside the parks, can also be booked and used. Sleeping is in small, medium or large tents on a mattress, on a carpet laid on a ground, or mattress on a bed.
This is the kind of camping used in climbing mount Kilimanjaro accommodation on machame route, Rongai, Umbwe and Lemosho route.

Luxury Camping safaris, Africa travel style like a Lodge safari.
Luxury camping safari features are feather pillows, soft towels, gin and tonic on the rocks, 4 course gourmet meals in a candlelit dining tent. The tents are roomy and comfortable, with a veranda in front and directly behind the tent a bathroom with hot-water shower, wash basin and toilet. The beds have a bedside table, gas or solar lamps, chairs, and a wardrobe for your clothing. A deep freeze will supply your drinks with ice and keep specialty food items fresh. Laundry is done daily. A large staff will ensure that your meals are gourmet and all your needs in a camp are met. Luxury camps are often situated so that you can enjoy the same area for several days.

Semi Luxury tented camps: These are same like luxury camping but they lack some features like drinks and meals is 3 meals per day. Of course it is upgrade of budget campsite. Kilimanjaro trekking on machame route, Lemosho and Umbwe also use these.

Permanent Luxury tented camps:

Most permanent tented camps are built on wooden or stone platforms with permanent mortar/brick bathroom/shower areas at the back of each tent. Tents are made from canvas and khaki or cream coloured tents are replacing the older military green. To protect the canvas, tents are placed under canopies of canvas or natural materials such as makuti (palm frond) and thatch.

These camps are built on wildebeest migration tracks and places where maximum wildlife species can be seen.

Most permanent tented camps are furnished very elaborately with electricity, ceiling fans, tables, chairs, four-poster beds, large mirrors and lush carpeting. Some of the newer, more upscale camps have air-conditioning, separate lounge areas, indoor/outdoor showers/bathtubs and even private plunge pools!
Examples are: Tarangire Tree tops, Kirurumu in Lake Manyara National Park, Tamarind in Tarangire, Mbuzi Mawe, Kongolo tented camp, medium, Lemala, Kusini, Migration camps, and Kirawira in Western Serengeti, those are just few examples to mention.

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This page was last updated: 07 October 2014

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Kilimanjaro Travel Adventure Safaris Ltd

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