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We Love Doodles

1) Put ice cubes in the dog waterer
You can't deny it: hydration is one of the main weapons that we and our pets have to dribble the heat in a healthy way. Therefore, the ideal is to keep the dog drinker in the shade and change the water that it warms up with a fresh one whenever possible - it is worth even leaving a separate bottle of water for the dog in the refrigerator and replacing the drinker throughout the day. In some cases, in addition, you can also put pebbles of ice in the water so that it stays cold longer: your dog will thank you for your care!

2) Bet on the cold dog mat
Another way to alleviate the effect of high temperatures on your dog is to provide a cool place for him to lie down and rest, since the heat also makes them have a little more trouble breathing (especially brachycephalic animals). Who lives in apartments with icy floors can make the animal more comfortable more easily, but those who do not have this option can bet on the icy carpet for dogs: it has a gel that stays cooler than the ambient temperature with the weight of the animal . In other words: all your friend will need to do is lie down and wait for the refreshment to arrive.

3) Offer the dog food at the end of the day
Even if your friend is accustomed to eating more than once a day , during the summer it is good that the greatest amount of food is offered to him at night. The advantage in this change of habits will appear at the time of the animal's digestion: your friend's organism will be able to go through this process more comfortably and pleasantly at night, with the lowest ambient temperature. This change at mealtime still prevents the animal from getting sick or sick due to the heat: everyone wins!

4) Let the dog enjoy the benefits of a fan
It is very likely that you will not be able to do this all the time with your dog, but whenever possible, on hot days, let him stand for a while in front of a floor fan. Opening spaces in the house that have a ceiling fan and even air conditioning for animals that have the habit of staying outside is also a great refreshment option for pets. If that happens in the hottest times of the day then ... you are likely to earn your dog's eternal gratitude!

5) Improvise a pool for your puppy
If all you want on hot days is to spend most of the time in a pool of fresh water, it is no different with your four-legged friend . For him, you can improvise a personalized pool with a basin or a children's pool - it will depend on the size of the animal. The pool does not have to be overly crowded or large enough for your dog to swim. In the improvisation, if he can lie in a place with water it will be enough for his body temperature to drop. But beware: the ideal is to do this during the day, at a time when the animal will have enough time to dry off before going to sleep.

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This page was last updated: 12 October 2020

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